who we are

our employees are our business


Harmonics Consulting believes in balance between business and IT. We’re smart about both. We bring a rigorous, scientific, and data-driven approach to developing technical solutions, and we ensure we truly understand the business need – we know it’s the only way to create lasting results. 

we’re more than IT nerds

Yes, we all love IT and generally get excited about technical minutia, but we’re so much more than that! Our crew includes MBAs, Project Management Professionals (PMPs), practitioners with an average of 18 years of experience, former government employees, and well-rounded consultants. We take our jobs seriously and put our clients first, whether that means pulling an all-nighter to take care of a critical system issue, collaborating on strategic solutions, coming up with innovative ideas, or doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  We’ve also got some craft-beer enthusiasts happy to share their home brew with coworkers!


we care about our employees

We’re a small business, and we like it that way. It lets us really focus on our most important asset, our people! As a small business, we count on each employee to contribute to growing our company – and we’ve done pretty well at that! In just 3 years we’ve grown from 2 to 18 employees, and counting.

We love our employees so much, we work to prove it every day, starting with our benefits. We offer above-average benefits – that’s because we have above-average people working for us. We offer a competitive salary, pay a huuuge chunk of health care premiums, career coaching, offer a starting 15 days of paid time off, plus holidays, and give everyone the day off on their birthday! We offer all the standard benefits of large companies including 401k, transportation, training, etc – the difference is that we seek and can often add benefits based on employee suggestions.


we care about the community

We see our role in the greater community, and want to give back. One of our benefits is matching employee charitable contributions and we’re proud to have donated to these great organizations, all hand-picked by our employees: